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Pierce Pettis
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Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: DeKalb County, AL

Status: Active


  Pierce Pettis

State Of Grace by Pierce Pettis

State Of Grace

Release Year: 2001

Everything Matters by Pierce Pettis

Everything Matters

Release Year: 1998

Making Light Of It   by Pierce Pettis

Making Light Of It

Release Year: 1996


  Pierce Pettis

Band Members: Pierce Pettis

Pierce Pettis is an American singer/songwriter from Alabama. Pettis's songs have been covered by artists like Dar Williams ("Family" on Mortal City), Garth Brooks ("You Move Me" on Sevens), Dion & the Belmonts, Sara Groves, Randy Stonehill and others. Pettis himself has covered one of Mark Heard's songs on every album since 1993. These are: "Nod Over Coffee" on Chase the Buffalo; "Satellite Sky" on Making Light of It; "Tip of My Tongue" on Everything Matters, "Rise from the Ruins" on State of Grace; and "Another Day in Limbo" on Great Big World. Pettis's cover of "Nod Over Coffee" also appeared on a 1994 tribute album to Heard entitled Strong Hand of Love. According to Pierce Pettis' official website, his new album will be called "That Kind of Love" and it will be out in early 2009.

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  Pierce Pettis

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