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Darren Speed
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Darren Speed

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: North Richland Hills, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Darren Speed  


  Darren Speed

Grief Grace And All Points In Between   by Darren Speed

Grief Grace And All Points In Between

Release Year: 2005
Label: Jethro Records


  Darren Speed

Band Members: Darren Speed

Born and raised in the buckle on the Bible belt Tulsa, OK. (aka green country) Darren realized very early that music was his hearts desire. One of the first songs he recalls hearing was "Tiger by The Tail" by Buck Owens. His grandad used to play it on an antique record player and each time it ended Darren would ask him to put the needle back on that song. It didnt take long for Darrens musical tastes to "mature" into ; KISS, Ted Nugent, Led Zepplin and many other artists. Each of which his parents had a true disdain for while he saw them as terrific role models. Darren started playing guitar as a boy and then began to attempt songwriting as a teenager. Most of these songs were focused on typical teenage angst and ended up not developing into much. As an adult, now living in the Pin on the

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  Darren Speed

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