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Carried Away
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Carried Away

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Toronto, Canada

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Nathan Knight   615.456.1123


  Carried Away

Closer To You by Carried Away

Closer To You

Release Year: 2005


  Carried Away

Band Members: Tyler Seidenberg, Pam Walker, Christine Prankard

Carried Away is a Canadian Contemporary Christian musical group made of Tyler Seidenberg, Pam Walker, and Christine Prankard. It wasn't until the year 2000 however, that they became "Carried Away". It was at that point that they heard the song "Carried Away" by Sonicflood. Listening to the song, the girls were inspired by Jeff Deyo as he sang the chorus with such passion and conviction, "I want to get Carried Away." The song immediately struck a chord in each of them. They decided to make a career out of singing. Eventually they traveled to Nashville, TN and while they were there the girls had the opportunity to meet with producer Otto Price (Producer of BarlowGirl, Out of Eden, GRITS). Shortly into their first conversation with Otto, the girls discovered a common theme. Otto Price just ha

Carried Away Chord Charts

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  Carried Away

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