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Michael Olson
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Michael Olson

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Franklin, TN

Status: Active


  Michael Olson

Where Fear And Faith Collide by Michael Olson

Where Fear And Faith Collide

Release Year: 2007
Label: Rocketown Records

Long Arm Of Love by Michael Olson

Long Arm Of Love

Release Year: 2005
Label: Rocketown Records
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  Michael Olson

Band Members: Michael Olson

A talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Rocketown recording artist Michael Olson unveils this February an album of hope and healing. Born from living in the midst of lifes ambiguities, Where Fear and Faith Collide examines how difficult surprises can be made rich in Gods constancy. Olsons insightful lyrics melt seamlessly into modern, intelligent pop tracks in the vein of Steven Curtis Chapman, John Mayer and Matthew West.

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  Michael Olson

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On The Third Day

Where Fear And Faith Collide

On The Third Day Song Lyrics

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