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Noel Richards Band
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Noel Richards Band

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Cobham, England

Status: Active


  Noel Richards Band

Road To Berlin by Noel Richards Band

Road To Berlin

Release Year: 2004


  Noel Richards Band

Band Members: Noel Richards, Neil Costello, Mark Prentice, Bradley Mason, Sam Richards

Noel has been involved in the UK Christian Music scene since the age of 15. In the early years, he worked full time, as an associate with British Youth for Christ. Since 1980, he and his family have been based in Cobham, England. During this time, he has worked closely with Gerald Coates, leader of the Pioneer church network. During the last 20 years, he has mainly been involved in leading worship and together with his wife Tricia and others, has written many worship songs. Perhaps the best known of these is "All Heaven Declares"Noel has led worship at major events in the UK and elsewhere, such as Parachute Festival (NZ), March for Jesus (UK), Spring Harvest (UK), Worship Together (Canada, UK), Easter People (UK), This is the day (Hungary), Jesus Tag (Germany). He was also involved with Th

Noel Richards Band Chord Charts

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  Noel Richards Band

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How I Long For You / All I Know

Calling All Nations

How I Long For You / All I Know Song Lyrics

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