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Adie Camp
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Adie Camp

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Lafayette, IN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Matt Balm  


  Adie Camp

Just You And Me by Adie Camp

Just You And Me

Release Year: 2010
Label: BEC Recordings
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Don't Wait by Adie Camp

Don't Wait

Release Year: 2006
Label: EMI Christian Music Group
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  Adie Camp

Band Members: Adrienne Camp

While shes a little shy when you first meet her and the kind of person whos happier to simply blend into the background, Adie certainly wasnt afraid to rock as the front woman for The Benjamin Gate. With her spiky red hair, seemingly never-ending energy and the insatiable charisma that couldnt help but draw an audience in, Adie was one of Christian rocks most captivating performers. Even though the group called it quits in 2003, Adies passion for communicating her faith through music hasnt wavered, which is particularly remarkable these days when shes busier than ever as a wife and mother to two young daughters, Isabella and Arianne, who are both under the age of two. And if she wasnt ambitious enough, shes also recently opened a hip new clothing store in her small Indiana hometown. Despi

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  Adie Camp

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