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G3 Band
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G3 Band

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Lorain, OH

Status: Active


  G3 Band

I Am Here by G3 Band

I Am Here

Release Year: 2008
Label: Independent


  G3 Band

Band Members: John Gilkes, Anthony Gilkes, Nathanael Gilkes

G3 BAND has just completed their second full length CD entitled "I Am Here" which is an artistic illustration of spiritual growth gained through a Christ centered view of lifes many experiences. In late 2004, G3 BAND also released their debut CD entitled "Masterpiece". Their music closely resembles classic, "feel good" rock n roll heavily influenced by the message found in Contemporary Christian and Gospel music. G3 Band hopes that their music reaches people of all walks of faith and beliefs and leaves a positive influence on each listeners life. G3 Band plans on taking a whole new challenge by pursuing their musical aspirations as their main focus starting in 2009. They plan to increase the number of performances and work harder than ever. They are prepared to face what is over the horizo

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  G3 Band

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