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Carmen D'Arcy
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Carmen D'Arcy

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Status: Active



  Carmen D'Arcy

A Place Called Grace by Carmen D'Arcy

A Place Called Grace

Release Year: 2009
Label: Brickstreet Records
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  Carmen D'Arcy

Band Members: Carmen D'Arcy

There's an obvious anointing on a musician called by God to lead others into His presence. It's something you can sense about them almost immediately. It's what they have to do - it's how God wired them. Carmen D'Arcy is that kind of worship leader. "Understanding my calling has been an organic, gradual thing; I think that's often true for many of us," admits D'Arcy. "God does us a huge favor by not freaking us out by letting us in on His vision for our lives too early on in the process. In my case, music in general-singing and playing the piano-has always been a central piece of my life, and I've used those gifts wherever God has placed me." At the moment, God has placed the talented singer/songwriter in multiple roles. Not only is she leading worship and directing the choir at the 6,000-

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  Carmen D'Arcy

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