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Heather Williams
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Heather Williams

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Stuart, FL

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Jeff Roberts   615.859.7040


  Heather Williams

This Time Around by Heather Williams

This Time Around

Release Year: 2011
Label: Fair Trade
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Heather Williams EP by Heather Williams

Heather Williams EP

Release Year: 2010
Label: Ino Records


  Heather Williams

Band Members: Heather Williams

If pain is meant to be a catalyst that produces strength, then new INO recording artist Heather Williams is the strongest person on earth. Her story is every bit as incredible as the melodies she crafts on her self-titled EP. Williams grew up in extreme poverty with her mom and stepfather. Throughout her early childhood, she suffered intense abuse and was even chained to a tree for punishment in one instance. Her mother gave her away at age 11, and Williams went to live with her grandfather in Michigan. Living with little guidance and the pain of past abuse and rejection, Williams turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to numb the realities of life. As things began to spiral out of control, the young teenager began to have thoughts of suicide and was even homeless at one point.

Heather Williams Chord Charts

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  Heather Williams

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