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Ian McIntosh
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Ian McIntosh

Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Redding, CA

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Come&Live!  


  Ian McIntosh

Alive by Ian McIntosh


Release Year: 2009
Label: Come&Live!

Awakened by Ian McIntosh


Release Year: 2007
Label: Independent


  Ian McIntosh

Band Members: Ian McIntosh

Though claiming only 23 years of age, Ian McIntosh is already quite an accomplished musician. He has close to 12 years of keyboard playing under his belt, hundreds of hours of live playing time, dozens of event appearances, and two full length records. Ian has been leading worship many years, and has been working nonstop to channel musical influences that include bands such as Sigur Rs, Muse, Delirious, Coldplay, and Mew. He has embarked on a journey to develop a "new sound."

He is commonly quoted as saying christian musicians should be the most creative musicians in the world. He believes strongly that God is a creative God (the Creator,) and that we have a responsibility to be creative as well. He believes in that creativity is the key to turning the media and entertainment i

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  Ian McIntosh

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