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Genre: Praise/Worship

Location: Orlando, FL

Status: Active

Booking Contact: JR Montes   615.472.8586



The Heartbeat by Bellarive

The Heartbeat

Release Year: 2012
Label: Sparrow Records
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Band Members: Sean Curran, Melissa Mage, Mike Mage, Zach Glotfelty, Josh Luker, Kenny Werner

In the summer of 2009, the Lord gifted a unified vision to the hearts of six friends from Orlando Florida. That vision quickly developed into the atmospheric worship band now known as Bellarive. Their heart is to craft artistic worship music for the creation to sing straight to the Father above. Bellarive believes that God is calling them to lead these songs not just inside the four walls of a church, but to whoever will lend an ear.

Band member Sean Curran says it this way, "The Creator is continuously stirring the souls of all His children toward Himself. We believe that God creates His children with specific design to reveal and bring glory to Himself in unique ways. For the six of us, that gift is creating music." The band believes there to be a beautiful relationship between

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Taste Of Eternity

The Heartbeat

Taste Of Eternity Song Lyrics

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