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Jason Ingram
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Jason Ingram

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Status: Hiatus


  Jason Ingram

The Longing by Jason Ingram

The Longing

Release Year: 2006
Label: Indelible Creative Group
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Jason Ingram by Jason Ingram

Jason Ingram

Release Year: 2002
Label: Resonate Records

Somewhere In Heaven

Release Year: 1997
Label: Independent


  Jason Ingram

Band Members: Jason Ingram

As the first artist signed to Sonicfloods new Resonate Records, Jason Ingram is no stranger to Christian music audiences. Thousands of people have seen Jason opening on the most recent Sonicflood tour or have heard the smash hit from Sonicfloods new project that he co-wrote with Rick Heil, "Resonate." Others may even remember the Jason Ingram Band that released a CD on Audience Records and even scored a top three national CHR radio hit, "Whats it Gonna Be Like."

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  Jason Ingram

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How Deep Is Your Love

Jason Ingram

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