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Steven Delopoulos
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Steven Delopoulos

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Ocean, NJ

Status: Active


  Steven Delopoulos

Me Died Blue by Steven Delopoulos

Me Died Blue

Release Year: 2003
Label: Universal Records


  Steven Delopoulos

Band Members: Steven Delopoulos

Me Died Blue is the eb+flo Records/Universal South debut of Steven Delopoulos, previously best known as the singer/rhythm guitarist/songwriter for Burlap To Cashmere, the internationally folkish group Delopoulos founded in New York during the late-90s. (The album is an unusually accomplished piece of work that suggests Delopoulos as the strong heir to the great tradition of Northeastern singer-songwriterdom, a literate succession of emotional music stretching from Harry Chapin and Paul Simon, to Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen and beyond.) For Monroe Jones, eb+flos label head, discovering Delopoulos and his music spawned the creation of his imprint label with Universal South and its Senior Partners Tim DuBois and Tony Brown. Jones, a Nashville-based producer and songwriter with experience

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  Steven Delopoulos

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