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Chasing Furies
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Chasing Furies

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Status: Disbanded


  Chasing Furies

With Abandon by Chasing Furies

With Abandon

Release Year: 1999
Label: Sparrow Label Group
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  Chasing Furies

Band Members: Sarah MacIntosh, Joshua Meeker, Rachel Meeker

Pushing boundaries. Challenging stereotypes. Stepping outside the comfort zone. Every once in a while a band comes along that causes us to re-think our pre-conceived notions about society, youth culture and the Christian walk. A band with conviction and mission, and a message that reaches beyond the church walls. With their debut Sparrow Records release, WITH ABANDON, Chasing Furies have clearly stepped up to that plate. Fronted by three siblings from Ft. Worth, Texas. Chasing Furies challenges Christians and non-Christians alike to look past appearances and search instead for Truth. THE MUSIC Sarah Meeker, 22, is the groups chief songwriter and vocalist. Music, she says, is "an awesome way to be able to release different emotions. I find it hard to write or sing about things that dont hav

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  Chasing Furies

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I Would Drown

With Abandon

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