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Blame Lucy
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Blame Lucy

Genre: Alternative/Modern


  Blame Lucy

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  Blame Lucy

From the heartland, gray dot records welcomes Blame Lucy, its newest addition to its hit pop roster of Age of Faith, My Friend Stephanie, and The Miscellaneous. Blame Lucys appearance on the scene is deceptively new: the band actually has a proven track record of success on air (with strong airplay from WAY-FM and Radio U FM), as well as spots on two Star Song compilations (Heavy Righteous Metal, Chapter II and Brave New Music) under the moniker, "Legacy." Blame Lucy has shown a typical gray dot artists passion for obsessive touring and promotion as well as a heart for the churched but directionless youth of today. Blame Lucys four members are all full-time touring musicians who are at home playing in church gyms and in clubs -- bringing their message of salvation and responsibility to eve

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  Blame Lucy

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