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Radial Angel
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Radial Angel

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Status: Active


  Radial Angel

How We Grow by Radial Angel

How We Grow

Release Year: 2008
Label: Independent

Waiting On Love by Radial Angel

Waiting On Love

Release Year: 2007
Label: Independent

Summer Fade by Radial Angel

Summer Fade

Release Year: 2004
Label: Independent

One More Last Time by Radial Angel

One More Last Time

Release Year: 2003
Label: Squint Entertainment
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  Radial Angel

Band Members: Jared Taber, Jeremy Dolezel, Eddie Jones, Tommy Perkins

Young, mature and wise beyond their years, Oklahoma based Radial Angel is eager to share an honest faith that shines through emotional, experience-driven lyrics. Relational music that stirs the emotions and inspires the listener, this alternative rock band is driven to speak to its peers with lyrics that read like a very private diary and point you unmistakably to their God. Produced by Chris Freels (Charlie Hall, Jamie Smith, the Passion projects) and Kevin Lively (Rage Against the Machine, Stone Temple Pilots) Radial Angels first nationally released album, One More Last Time, features an intense approach that nods to the musical reminiscence of bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, Our Lady Peace, and Seven Day Jesus. Its combination of guitar driven rock songs with gritty and emotional vo

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  Radial Angel

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