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Ben Glover
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Ben Glover

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Loveland, CO

Status: Active


  Ben Glover

26 Letters by Ben Glover

26 Letters

Release Year: 2001


  Ben Glover

Band Members: Ben Glover

The music industry is littered with slim chances and near misses. Life savings spent on hopeful demos, delivered in well-designed or at least well-intentioned packages to the desks of highly critical record executives. Yet no matter how "by the book" an artists résumé might seem, it still takes a special hand behind the scenes to create an open door—and courage to walk through that door into all that lies ahead. That’s what it took for 22-year old singer/songwriter Ben Glover to realize his lifelong dream. "Ive known since I was eight or nine years old that I wanted to be in Christian music," explains Glover, a Loveland, Colorado, native. "I didnt know what ministry was when I was eight, but I knew I wanted to play Christian music because I loved God. I never really second-guessed myself—I

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  Ben Glover

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