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Aaron Benward
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Aaron Benward

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Auburn, IN

Status: Disbanded


  Aaron Benward

Imagine by Aaron Benward


Release Year: 2000
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  Aaron Benward

Band Members: Aaron Benward

Aarons highly-anticipated solo project has been a long time coming. Three critically acclaimed albums as the Aaron half of father/son duo Aaron Jeoffrey created a demand for more, more, more. But Aaron waited until the timing was right before launching out on his own. "The plan was for me to eventually be able to do my own thing, to chase my own dream. That was understood at the outset. Its time for me to focus on my generation, and the one following; to make my own decisions; to take my own risks. Its an exciting time," Aaron understates. IMAGINE is an album that almost didnt get finished. With just over half the songs recorded, Aaron was involved in a potentially fatal auto accident. Sitting alone with his wife, trying to process the accident, he found himself listening to the one song o

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  Aaron Benward

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