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Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Status: Disbanded



Songs In The Key Of You by Huntingtons

Songs In The Key Of You

Release Year: 2001
Label: Tooth And Nail Records
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Band Members: Mikey Huntington, Jonny Huntington, Andy DiBiaso, Rick Wise, Cliffy Huntington, Mikee Huntington

The Huntingtons were a punk band from Baltimore, Maryland which formed in 1993-1994 in the Maryland/Delaware area by Cliff Powell (aka Cliffy Huntington), Mike Holt (aka Mikey Huntington) and Mike Pierce (aka Mikee Huntington). The band is heavily influenced by The Ramones. In 1996, their debut Sweet Sixteen was released by Flying Tart Records. A few months later, their first attempt at recording Ramones covers, entitled Rocket To Ramonia saw limited release via the Burnt Toast Vinyl label. At this point the band added a second guitarist, Tom Rehbein (currently of Small Towns Burn A Little Slower). After working with producer Mass Giorgini for the band's next album, Fun And Games, Tom was replaced by Brad Ber. After the album's release in the summer of 1997, the band started touring and ga

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