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Nickle And Dime
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Nickle And Dime

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Little Rock, AR

Status: Disbanded


  Nickle And Dime

8 Through 9 by Nickle And Dime

8 Through 9

Release Year: 1997

3 Days In March   by Nickle And Dime

3 Days In March

Release Year: 1996


  Nickle And Dime

Band Members: Zac "Mac Zurtha" Murtha, Mark Colbert, Jon Shirley, Nathan Copland, Kenny Schweer

Once, Zac and Jon met in college. They played at a weekly bible study together. Upon graduation, neither of them had a thing to do with their lives. They formed a band, and for some reason long forgotten they named it "Nickel and Dime". They recorded a CD and called it "3 Days in March" precisely because that is both when and how long it took to make that record. Then they played at a place called Kanakuk. That was fun, and it changed everything. Zac and Jon soon met a drummer named Mark right before they were going to play a big show in Fayetteville, AR. They thought Mark hit hard like that guy from Bon Jovi. They played that show with him, and again, it changed everything. They began to tour with Mark for a few years, and then they met this guy named Kenny, who played video games. He loo

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  Nickle And Dime

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