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7th Element
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7th Element

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: M├╝nchenbuchsee, Switzerland

Status: Hiatus

Booking Contact: 7thElement   4.131.872.1717


  7th Element

Fear No Evil by 7th Element

Fear No Evil

Release Year: 2001
Label: Mystery Records

It's Not Enough by 7th Element

It's Not Enough

Release Year: 1999
Label: Mystery Records

Take One by 7th Element

Take One

Release Year: 1997
Label: Mystery Records


  7th Element

Band Members: Caro Ruocco, Nino Ruocco, Denise Lerch, Larry Hewitt, Lukas Zbinden, Gideon Zimmerman

7th Element has its roots imbedded in a culture of youth worship. Most of the band members were in some way involved in various worship teams within the structure of their local church.

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  7th Element

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