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Daily Planet
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Daily Planet

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Status: Disbanded


  Daily Planet

Hero by Daily Planet


Release Year: 2002
Label: Reunion Records


  Daily Planet

Band Members: Jesse Butterworth, Seth Davis, Danny Lund, Bobby Reinsch

Sitting around a home office known as the "Bat Cave," submersed in a world of superheroes, Daily Planet was born. Actually, to say the band was "born" is a bit misleading, as Jesse Butterworth, Seth Davis, Danny Lund and Bobby Reinsch have been a band for over five years. Daily Planet just had a problem finding a name that no other band in the world had already claimed. "My younger brother can start a punk band in the garage, put one song on the Internet and he has first rights to that name," laughs Jesse, the band’s front man. Locking themselves in Jesse’s home office, Danny (drums), flipping through a Superman comic book, threw out the name of Metropolis’ newspaper and Clark Kent’s employer, Daily Planet.

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  Daily Planet

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