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Fighting Jacks
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Fighting Jacks

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Booking Contact: Sound Management  


  Fighting Jacks

The Dying Art of Life by Fighting Jacks

The Dying Art of Life

Release Year: 2003
Label: Tooth And Nail Records
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  Fighting Jacks

Band Members: Casey Linstrum, Cory Linstrum, Mike Wright, Jon Sontag

Fighting Jacks formed in August of 2000. Within one year they were playing shows up and down the west coast, drawing the attentionof many. Their increasing fan base also drew the attention of Kenny Alarcon, the director of A&R for Sound Management, Inc. With a new management team and legal representation to support them, Fighting Jacks began showcasing for record labels, finally deciding on Tooth and Nail Records. Now with a new album coming out and an increasingly full tour schedule, Fighting Jacks are ready to make their entrance into themainstream music world. Be on the lookout for their debut release, "The Dying Art of Life" out this fall!

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  Fighting Jacks

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