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Aric Harding
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Aric Harding

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Houston, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Aric Harding   713.858.1242


  Aric Harding

Take Me To The Fire by Aric Harding

Take Me To The Fire

Release Year: 2002
Label: Independent
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  Aric Harding

Band Members: Aric Harding

Likeminds is a Christian rock band originating from Houston, Texas. The band, as it is today, consists of Aric Harding, Jason Goyer, Michael Ashby, and Ben Niscavits. Since being founded by Aric in 1995, Likeminds has continued to mesh the message of Christ with cutting edge rock. Though still relatively new, Likeminds has extensive experience in leading worship, and performing concerts at various venues across the southern United States. They thank God for every chance that theyre given to play and to minister.

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  Aric Harding

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