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George Rowe
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George Rowe

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Clayton, NJ

Status: Active


  George Rowe

Think About That by George Rowe

Think About That

Release Year: 2003
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  George Rowe

Band Members: George Rowe

Fairly new to the Christian music scene, George Rowe was raised in Clayton, New Jersey. After attending both Northeastern Christian College and Pepperdine University, he received a law degree. However, he felt God asking him to pursue something else, "Music consumes my life. I feel called by God to share whats in my heart through music. I feel like Im disobeying Gods will if I ignore that." In September 2003, George signed a record deal with Rocketown Records. His first album is called Think About That and it offers a good blend of urban pop and light contemporary. His three singles "Everlasting," "Think About That," and "My Prayer (Use Me)" are currently playing on WCSG. He also recently sang back up for Michael W. Smiths 20th anniversary tour. George has proved to be a talented writer wi

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  George Rowe

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