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Kendall Payne
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Kendall Payne

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Status: Active


  Kendall Payne

Jordan's Sister by Kendall Payne

Jordan's Sister

Release Year: 1999
Label: Capitol Records
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  Kendall Payne

Band Members: Kendall Payne

Its not a choice most people have to make at the age of sixteen; but then again, most sixteen-year-olds dont have multiple record companies simultaneously pursuing them. There was something in Kendall Paynes bright, hopeful, alternative brand of pop that caught the ear and touched the souls of A&R reps at Christian and general market labels alike. While Kendalls faith was explicit in her lyrics from the beginning, it was delivered with an innocence and passion that was ultimately inviting in a world where such things are too often divisive. You might even say her ability to blend common emotion, temporal experience, and ultimate truth was a gift—a gift capable of carrying her through the lines of doubt and resistance that hinder the attempts of so many.

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  Kendall Payne

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