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Mitch McVicker
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Mitch McVicker

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Topeka, KS

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Mitch McVicker   770.714.2863


  Mitch McVicker

Without Looking Down by Mitch McVicker

Without Looking Down

Release Year: 2002
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Mitch McVicker by Mitch McVicker

Mitch McVicker

Release Year: 1999


  Mitch McVicker

Band Members: Mitch McVicker, Matt Wilson, Kevin Synan

September 18, 2007 will see Mitch McVicker release his first studio recording in five years. Love Will Rise, is the fifth record in McVicker’s growing discography and has been consistently acclaimed as his best work to date. He continues to write deeply honest, introspective, and catchy songs. His award winning, chart-topping songwriting is a constant. This 13-song gem is a gift to all.

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  Mitch McVicker

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