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Nate And James
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Nate And James

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Grantham, PA

Status: Disbanded


  Nate And James

Nate And James by Nate And James

Nate And James

Release Year: 2000


  Nate And James

Band Members: Nate Miller, James Vitray

Meeting each other their first day attending Messiah College Nate and James discovered their mutual love for God and music. After playing together in the college talent show they decided to collaborate on a demo project. Working with James brother George over several years they recorded the songs that became their self titled debut CD. Nate & James have toured all over the Washington area developing a sound featuring their excellent vocal harmonies along with beautiful acoustic guitar driven melodies. Nate and James hope to reach out to believers as well as seekers through Gods leading with their faith being the driving force in their music.

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  Nate And James

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