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Neutral Agreement
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Neutral Agreement

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Huntington, WV

Status: Disbanded


  Neutral Agreement

The Joyful Facade

Release Year: 2003
Label: Northern Records
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Bet You Never Thought by Neutral Agreement

Bet You Never Thought

Release Year: 2002
Label: Northern Records


  Neutral Agreement

Band Members: Matthew C. Jenkins, Bryan Patterson, Greg BeeBe

After over 400 shows (about half at the Brickhouse), a lot of drummers, few guitarists, two marriages, one kid, two breakups, and some cds, Neutral Agreement is coming to the end of our nearly 8 year trip. We feel that the time has come to end Neutral Agreement as we know it. We have had an amazing time playing shows, meeting new people, eating pizza at churches, playing with some really good and really bad bands, playing 3 shows in 24 hours, fighting, getting mad at each other over dumb stuff, and seeing a little slice of heaven on earth in the dreamland motel, etc.

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  Neutral Agreement

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