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Nodes Of Ranvier
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Nodes Of Ranvier

Genre: Heavy Metal

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Status: Active


  Nodes Of Ranvier

Lost Senses, More Innocence by Nodes Of Ranvier

Lost Senses, More Innocence

Release Year: 2002
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  Nodes Of Ranvier

Band Members: Kyle Benecke, Jake Stefek, Josh Ferrie, Jon Parker, David Wick

The bleak plains of Sioux Falls, South Dakota are more accustomed to being associated with 4H club meetings and rodeos than blistering, aggressive metal, but the five members of Nodes Of Ranvier are out to change all that. Naming your band after the gaps within neurons, isn’t what you would expect from a metal band. One would think metal names should have references to blood, or impending doom. Then again, Nodes Of Ranvier isn’t your typical metal band. In a genre full of bands that can all seemingly follow the same standard song writing formulas, Nodes Of Ranvier have risen up creating their own niche in the metal/hardcore scene. Unique and original song arrangements that vary from breakdowns of epic proportions overlaid with harsh, deep vocals to hand clapping choruses with catchy melodi

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  Nodes Of Ranvier

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