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Noggin Toboggan
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Noggin Toboggan

Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Atascadero, CA

Status: Disbanded


  Noggin Toboggan

Pleased To Melt You by Noggin Toboggan

Pleased To Melt You

Release Year: 2001
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Your Days Are Numbered by Noggin Toboggan

Your Days Are Numbered

Release Year: 2000
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Snapcase by Noggin Toboggan


Release Year: 1999
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  Noggin Toboggan

Band Members: Jefftoboggan, Jeremytoboggan, Justintoboggan

NogginToboggan began in the summer of 1996. Jeff, Jeremy and Mike met at a Ice Cream Social. They started practicing together and became good friends. In 1997, Bryan joined the band and soon realized he didnt need them, Noggin then recorded a 13-song EP at Moon Studios and success shortly followed. In the meantime Bryans solo carreer with the mexican mafia as a drug mule was taking off. They had 1,000 CDs pressed and distributed under harveys records and it sold out. It is impossible to get this album, not even the band has a copy! The band played many shows as they matured. When 1998 rolled around, they signed onto Bettie Rocket Records. In March 1999 they released a second album, Snapcase. The band was unhappy with both the cover and title. Finally, the band started getting some of the r

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  Noggin Toboggan

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