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Not The Joneses
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Not The Joneses

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Chicago, IL

Status: Disbanded

Booking Contact: Tim White   312.933.7396


  Not The Joneses

Not The Joneses by Not The Joneses

Not The Joneses

Release Year: 1999
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  Not The Joneses

Band Members: Mark Chaffee, Russell Bergum, Dug Schoenbeck, Vince Consolo

Not The Joneses (NTJ) is a modern rock band that fuses contemporary sound with a melodic focus. The blending of musical influences has created a unique backdrop allowing them to explore their distinct musical style - their own individual sonic fingerprint. With strong radio airplay supporting their first record - and numerous on-air interviews - the band has become a favorite of many people around the country. A week doesnt go by without an email or letter from a fan reaching the band proclaiming them as their favorite. The bands reaction is typically - "how did they hear our record in Alaska?" NTJ has cultivated their underground fan base by utilizing the World Wide Web to its fullest. Their web site, which receives 10s of thousands of hits per year - is a technological tour-de-force of m

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  Not The Joneses

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