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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Status: Unknown



Glad You Made It by Parkway

Glad You Made It

Release Year: 2000
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Band Members: Lance Black, Damian Horne

In 1997, Damian and Lance, and their band Silage, released the first of two albums that vaulted them to the vanguard of a small but fervent following enamored of their West Coast, power pop/punk/rock/ska mix. The group eventually went on to receive a Dove Award nomination for their sophomore release, and to tour with an impressive roster of artists including Third Day and Jars of Clay. When Silage amicably parted ways in 1999, Damian and Lance still felt led to make their music and carry their message as far as it would take them. With new personnel, and a newfound pop sensibility to balance their boundless sense of adventure, a new band, Parkway, has emerged. Glad You Made It holds onto Damian and Lances irrepressible inventiveness while investing it with a radio-ready accessibility. In

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