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Paul Alan
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Paul Alan

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Nashville, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Pam Kistler   219.269.3413


  Paul Alan

Drive It Home by Paul Alan

Drive It Home

Release Year: 2008
Label: Whiplash Records
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Falling Awake by Paul Alan

Falling Awake

Release Year: 2001
Label: Aluminum Records
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  Paul Alan

Band Members: Paul Alan

Paul Alan is a not a bumper sticker type of artist. While this might sound like trivial information, Alans apathy for gift shop logic is exactly what makes this Nashville songwriter a revelation among his pop-rock peers. Alans solo bow, Falling Awake, proves that faith-based pop music offers a depth that real people can relate to without all the clich├ęs, jargon, and pat answers that arent worth the paste paper on which stickers are made.

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  Paul Alan

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