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Phat Chance
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Phat Chance

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: High Point, NC

Status: Changed Name


  Phat Chance

Without You by Phat Chance

Without You

Release Year: 2001
Label: Flicker Records
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  Phat Chance

Band Members: Bryan Nance, Justin Morgan, Dallas Morgan, Brent Lain, Brandon Johnson

Looking at the cover of Phat Chance's debut release, one could easily label the group a boy band. The immediate stereotype they'd fall into is that of a group that's been manufactured by a record label more for the marketability of their looks than their musical ability. But unlike many of the so-called boy bands, Phat Chance began in 1995 when third-grader Dallas Morgan, his fifth-grade brother Justin Morgan, and classmate Bryan Nance began writing music every day after school. Bryan and Dallas went to work on guitar and drums respectively, while Justin sought to hone his bass playing skills. As the trio excelled in their talent, friends Brent Lain and Brandon Johnson joined the team to add additional guitar and vocal elements. They decided on the name Phat Chance, with a hidden meaning i

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  Phat Chance

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