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Sinai Beach
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Sinai Beach

Genre: Heavy Metal

Location: Riverside, CA

Status: Disbanded


  Sinai Beach

When Breath Escapes by Sinai Beach

When Breath Escapes

Release Year: 2003
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  Sinai Beach

Band Members: CJ Alderson, Logan Lambert, Mike Risinger, Jeff Santo, Mike Dunlap

Sinai Beach is a Christian metalcore band that was formed in Riverside, California in 2000 by vocalist CJ Alderson, guitarist Logan Lambert, drummer Mike Dunlap, and bassist Jeff Santo. Guitarist Mike Risinger joined just before they recorded When Breath Escapes. Sinai Beach has toured with Zao, Norma Jean, Haste the Day, Still Remains, Himsa, Bleeding Through, Comeback Kid and Terror. Sinai Beach gained some attention after a man attended one of their shows on a whim and found the singer (CJ) telling him that his girlfriend was in the hospital dying. Apparently CJ went to the hospital after the show and prayed for his girlfriend while she lay in intensive care. In somewhat of a miracle, it is said that the next morning she was moved out of ICU and has fully recovered from the incident and

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  Sinai Beach

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