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Society's Finest
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Genre: Hardcore/Punk

Location: Dallas, TX

Status: Active


  Society's Finest

The Journey So Far by Society's Finest

The Journey So Far

Release Year: 2000
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  Society's Finest

Band Members: Joshua Kabe Ashworth, Tyler Berry

Societys Finest has seen many ups and downs over their 8-year career, but have used the experience to grow and mature, both as people and as a band. After a hiatus in 2003, during which time singer Joshua Ashworth toured with ZAO, the band reformed stronger than ever, and signed with Hand of Hope Records. Their Hand of Hope debut, Love, Murder, and a Three Letter Word, released in June of 2004, received both critic and fan praise and Societys Finest quickly became one of the best-selling bands on the label.

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  Society's Finest

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