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Wide Awake
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Wide Awake

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Austin, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Bryan Waymire   615.390.7111


  Wide Awake

Bigger Than Ourselves by Wide Awake

Bigger Than Ourselves

Release Year: 2002
Label: Independent

Thread by Wide Awake


Release Year: 1999
Label: True Tunes Records
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  Wide Awake

Band Members: Scott Leger, Nate Navarro, Steve Rude, Curtis Ryker, Eddie Willis

WIDEAWAKE is a band working hard to establish themselves in this vast business of music. What is interesting about the band is not what brought them together almost five years ago (taking 1st place in a talent show), how many concerts (450+), or CDs they have independently sold to date (18,000+). What sets WIDEAWAKE apart is their unexpected perspective and fundamental concept for being a band. What is distinctive about WIDEAWAKE is their earnest approach to music - why they write and perform music, what they hope to accomplish through music, and where they are headed with their music. Originating from Seattle, Scott Leger, Nate Navarro, Steve Rude, Curtis Ryker, and Eddie Willis are an understated and authentic bunch, more concerned about using their music to unite people, than with th

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  Wide Awake

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