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Too Bad Eugene
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Too Bad Eugene

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Status: Disbanded


  Too Bad Eugene

Moonlighting by Too Bad Eugene


Release Year: 2002
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  Too Bad Eugene

Band Members: Adam Nigh, Andy Snyder, Sammy Nigh

Adam says "Weve been around since Sept of 1998. We started the band after Adam and I left our old band Craigs Brother. We recorded a four song ep called "The Sasparilla Liberation" with Jonathan Johnson at the Orange Juice Factory in Jan/Feb of 99. Then signed with Rock City Records in the Summer of that same year and recorded our first full length record "At Any Rate" with Sean ODwyer and Mike Herrera at the Clubhouse (Mikes home studio) in Aug/Sept 99. Then we set out on (most of) a national tour with MxPx, 22 Jacks, and No Motiv in Oct/Nov 99. Since then they have been playing various shows around the west coast, including three Warp Tour 2000 dates and Tom Fest 2001 in Washington. We have also been hard at work on new material for an album already in progress which is going to be calle

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  Too Bad Eugene

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