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Aaron Spiro
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Aaron Spiro

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Tacoma, WA

Status: Unknown

Booking Contact: Jeff Roberts and Associates   615.859.7040


  Aaron Spiro

Sing by Aaron Spiro


Release Year: 2002
Label: Sparrow Records
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  Aaron Spiro

Band Members: Aaron Spiro

As Aarons interest in music grew, his uncle took him under his wing to help grow his gift. "Every time we got together he would show me how to play and what songs he was writing. He would let me come down to California and we would write together or Id sit in on a session. That was a big influence." That didnt lessen the blow when Aaron broke the news to his pastor father. "It was hard because my dad had invested so much into me and my soccer. I traveled all over playing which wasnt cheap." Eventually, his parents got behind his new venture and Spiro developed his skills as a member of the rock band I Am, I Am and then the more acoustic, singer-songwriter duo Spiro & Furlan. Touring in their native Pacific Northwest and playing camps and youth groups, the band’s musical endeavors garnered

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  Aaron Spiro

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Forever And Ever


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