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Kemper Crabb
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Kemper Crabb

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: Houston, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Shanna Crabb  


  Kemper Crabb

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  Kemper Crabb

Band Members: Kemper Crabb

His musical career has been varied and impressive. He has been a member of bands such as ArkAngel, RadioHalo and, for a short while, Caedmon's Call. His 1982 solo album The Vigil is still a sensation amongst those in the know. It is an album inspired by battle preparation rituals for knights during the Middle Ages and is a favorite for musicians such as Kerry Livgren (Kansas) and Rick Wakeman (Yes). In fact, Stevie Ray Vaughn during his appearance on MTV Unplugged disclosed that The Vigil was his favorite album. More recently in 1995 Kemper recorded A Medieval Christmas, a collection of medieval Christmas songs and hymns. The popularity of this album has spawned many invitations for Kemper and his friends to perform Christmas concerts. Currently he is a member of the band Atomic Opera (Gos

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  Kemper Crabb

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