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Matt Van Y
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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Status: Hiatus


  Matt Van Y

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  Matt Van Y

Band Members: Matt Van Y

After playing bass for a few years in local Dallas/Fort Worth bands, Matt began writing songs of his own. Finding that the bass guitar was not the best instrument for a solo artist, he quickly moved to the guitar. Growing up in Texas, it was like second-nature to pick up a Strat and start coping licks from every Stevie Ray and T-Bone Walker album he could get his hands on. Matt spent 1996-1999 touring around Texas and Oklahoma promoting his first two albums filled with influences of funk and blues. After those two CD's were sold out, he felt the need to do something that was simple and to the point. There was no need for a band, backing vocals or a producer - just a guitar and a microphone.

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  Matt Van Y

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