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Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Unicoi, TN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Vicky Decker   574.269.3413



What Light Is All About by Alathea

What Light Is All About

Release Year: 2003
Label: Rocketown Records
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Band Members: Mandee Radford, Carrie Theobald, Cristi Johnson

Based on some of the preliminary buzz surrounding Alathea (pronounced "uh-LAY-thee-uh," the greek word for truth), you might believe this female trio is Christian musics answer to the Dixie Chicks, or a country/bluegrass version of Point of Grace. Its understandable that someone could pigeonhole them that way, but it inaccurately implies shallow twang and cliché, of which Alathea has neither. The album sticker describes the style as "Roots-Hybrid music" for fans of the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, which is a little closer in style to the music found on their national debut, What Light Is All About.

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