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The Afters
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The Afters

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Mesquite, TX

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Third Coast Artists Agency 615.297.2021


  The Afters

Band Members: Joshua Havens, Matt Fuqua, Brad Wigg, Marc Dodd

Blisse has changed their band name to "The Afters." Blisse is a way of life, sonic beauty, all your hopes and dreams, somehow everything looks bright when youre into "Blisse". Blisse is all the sparkle and the guts, its dreamy but its smart. Blisse has hit the scene with a fresh sound, beautiful-contagious-pop songs, passionate live shows, and magic in the studio. Listening to the debut album "When the World is Wonderful" will make you feel new every time you listen.

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