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Hawk Nelson
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Hawk Nelson

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Peterborough, Canada

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Third Coast Artist Agency 615.297.2021


  Hawk Nelson

Band Members: Jonathan Steingard, Daniel Biro, Justin Benner

Everybody needs a friend. From the modern phenomenon of social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook to the classic comfort found alongside special schoolmates and work buddies, we’re always looking for someone with whom we can laugh and cry. Since 2004, music lovers have enjoyed a real camaraderie with rising pop-rock band Hawk Nelson, helping the quartet sell nearly half a million albums, land personal appearances on major television and motion picture projects, and gain high-profile song placement (“Bring ‘Em Out”) with NBC’s NFL Sunday Night Football campaign. Now the true bond of friendship between the group and others continues to strengthen, mature, and be more overtly celebrated than even before with the Canadian-originated act’s third Tooth & Nail release, Hawk Nelson Is My Friend.

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