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Nickel Creek
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Nickel Creek

Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

Location: San Diego, CA

Status: Hiatus


  Nickel Creek

Band Members: Chris Thile, Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins

Nickel Creek is an American acoustic music trio. Although the groups music has roots from bluegrass, the trio describes itself as "progressive acoustic". Nickel Creek consists of three permanent members: Chris Thile (mandolin), Sara Watkins (fiddle), and her brother Sean Watkins (guitar). The trio has always recorded and toured with a bass player, but no bass player has ever been an official member of the band. Chriss father Scott Thile played bass with the group until 2000, followed by Byron House, and Derek Jones. Mark Schatz has played bass regularly with the group since 2003. In interviews, the band has stressed that they are not a bluegrass band, but a band that "incorporates bluegrass into its music". Nickel Creek has covered songs by Radiohead, Pavement, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, the Jackson Five and even "Toxic" by Britney Spears.

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