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Capital Kings
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Capital Kings

Genre: Pop/Contemporary

Location: Washington, DC

Status: Active


  Capital Kings

Band Members: Jon White, Cole Walowac

Engaging audiences seems to come naturally to Jon White and Cole Walowac, who formed Capital Kings while still living in their native Washington D.C. Jon and Cole have parlayed a long-term friendship and shared passion for music into one of the hottest careers in the industry. Despite their young age, the duo’s history is a lengthy one. “We were in the nursery in the same church,” Jon says. “We moved away to Massachusetts for a few years, Cole and I met back up in the same middle school and we started playing in the youth group band. Cole would play drums and I would sing and that’s how we started making music.” Influenced by a variety of artists from Maroon 5 to TobyMac, Jon and Cole began creating their own sound. Both are multi-instrumentalists, and between the two of them, they play piano, guitar, trumpet, keyboards and drums. "We were really interested in electronic music and were always fascinated with what DJs were doing because that was starting to get big when we were in high school,” says Cole. “We got really into programming, just making beats. We love hip-hop music as well, so I always made beats and we just decided that one day we’d start making music that was different than a normal rock band. We just started making electronic music and beats and it just came together. It was a natural thing.” The duo began sharing their music and earning the respect of some of their heroes. “We were even dropping music to Toby, saying, ‘Hey, check out our music,’” says Jon, recalling how they caught the attention of one of Gotee’s founding fathers, Toby McKeehan. “We played a bunch of shows in high school and it gave us a lot of experience. That’s when we first really started getting out in front of the public. It definitely shaped us into who we are now.” The two relocated to Franklin, Tennessee, and soon found themselves working with TobyMac. “Toby said, ‘Hey, I’ve been telling people about you guys and how you guys can do remixes,’” says Jon. “We did one for him and then all of a sudden we just kept getting calls. It came out of nowhere. It was a blessing for sure.”

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