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Jeremy Camp
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Jeremy Camp

Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Lafayette, IN

Status: Active

Booking Contact: Third Coast Artists Agency 615.297.2021


  Jeremy Camp

Band Members: Jeremy Camp

They say the best songs come from personal experience and newcomer Jeremy Camp’s music certainly comes from a very personal place. A unique brand of rock and progressive pop, his music was born out of a heart that’s been broken and a faith that’s been tested. Yet, despite all this 24-year-old has walked through—or maybe because of it—he’s compelled to praise the God who has proven Himself faithful through it all and has a passion for telling others about Him through music. Camp’s journey began when he left his home in Lafayette, Indiana, bound for Bible college in Southern California. He wasn’t sure what God had planned for him, but he knew he wanted to be ready. As he soaked up all the biblical knowledge he could and pondered a career in ministry, Jeremy filled his downtime strumming a guitar, a skill he picked up from his musically inclined father. One day, as he was playing in the dorm kitchen, the school’s worship leader overheard him and encouraged him to get involved in the music ministry opportunities available on campus.

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