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Living Sacrifice
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Living Sacrifice

Genre: Heavy Metal

Location: Little Rock, AR

Status: Active


  Living Sacrifice

Band Members: Bruce Fitzhugh, Lance Garvin, Rocky Gray, Arthur Green

Conceived in Fire" is a punishing, uncompromisingly brutal return to form for Living Sacrifice, Solid States long-running flagship Southern metal band. The platter punches with the precision of Meshuggah, thrashes with the fury of Slayer and glistens with a sophisticated sheen that rivals all of the bands peers. Living Sacrifice has forged a unique and ever crushing musical masterpiece, pouring passion from the depths of their very souls into every note. "Conceived in Fire" recalls the glory days of their seminal trio of early albums, combined with the ambitious spirit of 1997s "Reborn" and the more accessible approach of its multi-percussive follow-up, "The Hammering Process." Living Sacrifice are nearly legend in the genre; “Conceived in Fire" ups the ante on that reputation with considerable force.

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