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Genre: Alternative/Modern

Location: Fullerton, CA

Status: Active



Band Members: Tyrone Wells, Tony Deerfield, Joey Aszterbaum, Keith Gove

What does a rock band do after theyve been together for five years, built a devoted regional following, released a debut album on a major label and played shows in almost every state in the union? The unexpected answer from Orange County, Californias skypark: Learn how to write music. "All the bands Ive ever wasnt because I saw them in concert. It was because they had that song, that sound," explains guitarist and background vocalist, Joey Aszterbaum. "After our fall tour, we listened to a cassette tape of the last show and agreed that the songs and the grooves were not up to snuff. A lot of our fans were in it for the visual performance, and thats great, but it was time for us to get serious about making music." skypark decided that they could keep spinning their wheels on the road (they added 18,0000 miles to the speedometer on their fall tour), or they could spend some time at home creating an album that would sell itself. Feeding upon rock and pops greatest offerings (the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, U2, Johnny Cash) and inspired by the ambition and scope of modern rock acts like Radiohead and Flick, thats exactly what they did.

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